In the family


Does your child have problems with:

  • external stimuli
  • mood swings
  • feelings of fear/anxiety
Do you feel as though it is difficult to connect with your child and would you like to understand this situation?

When parents pay attention to their emotions and blockages, space is created for their children and they have no reason to use their behaviour to reflect what the parent is blocking. Many of the children’s blockages will then resolve themselves.

For more information about emotions and blockages in adults, click here.


If this information relates to you, feel free to contact me to arrange an introductory appointment. Sessions can be held on location as well as at my practice.

During the introductory interview we get to know each other and the coaching works is explained. This is followed by an introductory interview with the child during which different approaches are used to find out what the child’s needs for assistance are, what he/she would like to work on and what the expectations are. I work with the COACHEE!-game for instance, which is a nice playful approach that can soon provide a lot of information and insight.

I ask parents to be willing to undertake self-reflection during this programme as children might use their behaviour to reflect what the parent is blocking.