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Children learn to experience themselves as positive in a playful way and to connect to others through this feeling. This will make them feel stronger, become more self-assured and develop more self-esteem.


The Rainbow Journey is a journey during which the child learns to discover and experience him/herself in a childlike manner through energy and emotions. (In short everything that is felt). This uncomplicated type of game and explanation helps children to better get in touch with themselves. Through the Rainbow Journey children can learn how to deal with who they are by nature and therefore discover in a fun way what they are already capable of and know. In this way they learn to experience themselves as positive and to use this feeling to connect with others; with the aim of feeling stronger, to have more self-confidence and to develop more self-esteem.

During the lessons, spiritual topics such as auras, healing and chakras are also covered. The Rainbow Journey also focuses on dealing with the astral world. This is especially for children who see entities. The emphasis is not on seeing these entities but on simply teaching children that they are safe in the astral world (which to most adults is invisible).

The Rainbow Journey is for children aged from 4 to 15, but for the inner child of teenagers and adults it is also a great experience.

What does a session look like:

The Rainbow Journey can be done in groups or individually and takes one hour. It is also interesting for schools to learn from the Rainbow Journey children how to deal with external stimuli and emotions. It also helps children to learn how to indicate and protect their limits.
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