Below you will find a couple of reviews given by clients after undergoing a Sweet Awareness Session.


I experienced Anja’s healing as something very pleasant. Lots happened in my body and I felt the flow of energies. Thank you for this!
- Sandra


After years of trying all kinds of therapy following a burnout and depressions, the feeling that not much was resolved always lingered. This is when my search brought me to Anja. It was like a warm bath. Anja understood exactly what issues i ran into during my regular therapy sessions and the dissatisfying feeling of not being understood.
Friendly and patiently she figured out what suited me best and after only a few sessions of healing i feel reborn. It feels as if i can finally let go of all the "old" parts.
Thank you Anja!
- Marjolijne


I have attended 2 sessions, the so called ‘tree session’ and the ‘transformation coaching’. These sessions have helped me to be more aware of my feelings. My challenge is to choose for myself. My skills are to help others, but I usually forget myself in this process. The transformation session was amazing. Besides the fact that I felt energies flowing, the end of the session was really powerful. Totally unexpectedly, I have started to work on my challenge only a week after this session. It is not easy, but I am proud that that the process has started. I experienced Anja as a professional, open minded, down to earth, non-judgmental person. It is always a pleasure to be with her. My next appointment has already been made. Can’t wait….
- M.


I got in touch with Anja through the training Transpersonal Trauma Therapy which we both take part of. I have experienced her as a very good coach. Besides that, Anja is a nice and warm personality. She is a very good listener. At the same time she is able to keep control over the situation. It helps you to stay focused and it helps you to take the necessary steps to address the problem. All from gentleness and love for yourself.
Where I was trying to achieve things by making big steps, Anja was able to lead me to smaller steps which have created more awareness, also on a deeper level.
The sessions with Anja are always an enjoyable experience, even though it is profound trauma. She is competent and has sufficient tools to make the journey with you.
- Monique


I have sent Anja a message because I experienced certain emotions which I couldn’t explain. Most of the time I am able to sort it out myself but this time I couldn’t and I needed some help. I know that Anja has experience in working with heavy emotions, I knew that she could help me. First she guided me through a meditation so I became calmer. During this visualization, we clearly could see what the problem was. With mild attention we touched that what needed to be seen. The next morning I felt relieved already. The funny part is, after 2 or 3 days, Anja gave me a call to check how I was doing and if the subject still bothered me. And at that same time I was aware of the fact that I even couldn’t remember what it was that has bothered me! I couldn’t remember the subject and didn’t feel the emotion that was connected to the subject anymore. I also asked my partner whether he could remember what the problem was and he didn’t remember either. It was gone, disappeared and transformed. Very pleasant experience and a great relief.
- Joke