Hello… nice to see that you have found my website.

Does this happen to you too sometimes? You feel scared, angry or sad and so busy with thoughts in your head that you can’t really work out how you feel anymore or why you feel like this?

Shall I tell you a secret? Everyone feels like that sometimes. But it is really hard to explain how you feel because you don’t even understand it very well yourself either. And because it is so hard, you would rather not talk about it. Because no one talks about it either, you seem to be the only one who is different to everyone else.

It may be hard to believe that other people also feel rotten and different sometimes; but this is very true. I know how you feel, because I often felt like that too. Now that I am older, I have learnt many tricks to be able to handle this differently.

For example: do you know what energy is? It is the same as breathing. It is there but you can’t see it.

If you like, I can teach you my tricks too! Together with my friend Joep, the Bird of Paradise, we will fly to the Rainbow and play some really fun games!