We know different levels of consciousness/awareness. This causes every person to experience life differently to someone else.

Our layers of consciousness can be compared to a camera. Take a cheap camera and an expensive camera for instance. These can both take a beautiful picture of a tree. But when you zoom in you can see insects on the leaves with the one camera but through the other camera the picture is already blurred when zooming in on a branch. People with a higher consciousness take in more and zoom in more, so to speak. The more your consciousness is developed, the more balance you can bring into your life.

How does this work?
Emotions are energies that are allowed to exist and also want to be seen. If you are capable of connecting gently to these emotions through your conscious awareness, you create space to clear them. It makes you capable of becoming aware of patterns and you learn how to transform these. In this way, you will develop your consciousness.
What if you keep getting stuck in old patterns and are not able to grow towards a higher consciousness?

Internal design:

The image above reflects that soul-consciousness exists on the one hand, and that on the other hand the physical, emotional and mental worlds exist. Every world has several layers ranging from low to high. During your consciousness development you always reach higher layers of consciousness due to everything that you are going through and the way in which you deal with this, until you finally have access to the causal world where your soul is located.

When you are healthy the connection between your soul (consciousness) and your mental, emotional and physical body are in balance. The protective layer that keeps everything in balance is also called your aura. When someone has developed an emotional trauma, this will develop as a blockade. This can be quite small. For example, if you fell over as a child and did not get the consolation that was needed and you have not worked through this properly, this pain will be triggered every time a similar situation arises. At that time, the connection between soul consciousness and the emotional world became blocked.

  • A consequence of this could be that someone gets lost in their emotional world and is unable to come back into his consciousness/inner strength. As a result, people get stuck into certain patterns and beliefs and keep themselves in a vicious circle. This can cause all sorts of complaints, both mental and physical.

If the connection between soul consciousness and mental, emotional and physical worlds is seriously damaged, for instance due to a dramatic experience, stress or drug abuse, your aura is no longer able to perform its protective function. In this case things can get so bad that people develop severe psychiatric complaints.

  • A consequence of this could be that adults can perceive the emotional world. We usually experience the emotional world as the 'atmosphere' we can 'sense' in a particular environment. This can be enjoyable or frightening. This world is formed by the emotions coming from others and from ourselves. All of our fears and desires but also our beliefs are formed here.

OBecause these people are often anxious and uncertain, they experience mostly terrifying energies that come from the lower layers of the emotional world. These images can in turn provoke new negative emotions, leading to the potential danger that the person ends up in a negative downward spiral of increasing confusion.

What is the difference between cognitive and integral therapy?
The difference is that cognitive therapy concentrates on the mental world. For example, trying to rationally convince someone with a compulsive disorder, that it doesn't make sense to keep checking the gas. In integral therapy the problem is addressed in the emotional world, since the problem is in fact located in the emotional world.

Development of consciousness is necessary to get control back over your own life. What you're really doing is to take care of other parts of yourself, like a parent looks after a child.

The ultimate goal is for you to get back to your strength and to be able to deal with your own traumas. This is what integral therapy teaches you.